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Did You Know... Nearly 25% of flood insurance claims come from low-to-moderate risk areas.

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 Tennessee flood insuranceTennessee Flood Insurance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports flooding as the top-ranked natural disaster in the United States. Tennessee Flood Insurance, together with National Flood Insurance, LLC, focuses solely on flood insurance in the state of Tennessee and works to furnish both up-to-date information and exceptional service to the residents they serve.

It is important for Tennesseans to understand flood insurance basics, and Tennessee Flood Insurance strives to clarify typical misconceptions concerning flood regulations and flood insurance.

One common misconception is that homeowners insurance will cover flood damage. Generally, flood damage is not covered by homeowners insurance policies. More than 50% of properties are located in high-risk flood zones, making flood-coverage an important part of safe-guarding valuable assets.

A second common misconception is that flood coverage is costly. FEMA has determined certain areas to be low-risk flood zones. If your home is located in one of these low-risk areas, as low as a year can purchase a flood insurance policy.

A third common misconception is the belief that a home or business is not flood-prone because no water source exists nearby. No nearby water source is required to cause a flood; anywhere rain or snow is present, flooding can be a concern.

Tennessee Flood Insurance’s parent company, National Flood Insurance, LLC, employs flood insurance specialists who are knowledgeable about flood insurance and current legislation concerning the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). These specialists pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service and are happy to answer any questions or concerns. FEMA is directly represented by National Flood Insurance, LLC, and its subsidiary Tennessee Flood Insurance, and all flood insurance policies are processed through the NFIP.

To determine if your property is in a FEMA-determined flood zone, if you would like a flood insurance quote, or you would simply like to ask questions, please call our flood insurance specialists at 1-888-900-0404 for a free consultation. Flood protection is only a call away!

 Tennessee flood insuranceThe Historical Background of the NFIP

The National Flood Insurance Act (NFIA) was passed by Congress in 1968 to focus, in part, on not only rising concerns with preparing for floods, but also the costs of flood insurance, and how flood-damage relief and recovery was being handled. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) followed later the same year, overseen by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The NFIP aids in subsidizing flood-insurance costs and works to enact tougher construction standards to assist in lessening damage sustained during flood events.

In the early part of 1972 the number of flood insurance policies in effect stood at less than 100,000. Hurricane Agnes swept though in June of 1972 causing devastation that ranged from Florida to New York, and which resulted in damages costing nearly $4 billion. After Congress investigated, it was discovered that flood insurance was not in effect for the vast majority of structures, which led to further amendment of the National Flood Insurance Act by 1973s Flood Disaster Protection Act.

This act made flood insurance coverage a requirement for structures located in recognized flood hazard areas if they wanted to receive federal aid or federally-insured bank loans for federal disaster assistance. As the 1970s came to a close, the number of flood insurance policies rose from 100,000 in 1972 to nearly two-million.

Today FEMA, under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security, is the administering authority of the NFIP.

 Tennessee flood insuranceTennessee Flood Insurance Policies

As populations, and subsequently new homes and businesses, grow, the number of flood insurance policies has progressively increased. At this time, in excess of 33,000 flood insurance policies are in effect in Tennessee. Even though modern efforts have stemmed some of the flood danger, Tennessee has a long history of flooding and resulting devastation. There were six major floods between 1847 and 1951. Most recently, in August 2012, flooding affected Washington, Unicoi, Carter, Johnson, Sullivan, and Green counties resulting in damage to a number of buildings and roads, and produced landslides and sinkholes. With Tennessee’s flood history, more and more business owners and families make flood insurance coverage a priority.

In excess of twenty-thousand United States communities have had flood insurance made available by the NFIP. There are also a growing number of private insurance companies offering government-backed flood insurance. Even though federal assistance will always play a vital role in recovery from natural disasters, millions of US taxpayer dollars are saved every year by the NFIP.

Cali factsTennessee State Facts

  • STATEHOOD June 1, 1796
  • TN MOTTO Agriculture and Commerce
  • TN CAPITAL Nashville
  • # OF COUNTIES 95
  • AREA 42,143 sq. miles

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